Our Story


 Karri and Steve Westaby began selling citrus fruit to pay for their  wedding 25 years ago.  In 2000 they planted  Mandarin Orange trees on their property in Happy Valley in order to continue providing delicious fruit for family and friends. Along with their children Zack, Luke, Anthony and Amy they  are now working to provide sweet, juicy and easy to peel Satsuma Mandarin Oranges for our many friends who love this outstanding fruit as much as we do.

In 2010 we began selling mandarins to Holiday Markets and some school districts. That effort led to mandarins sales that was beyond what our small orchard could provide. We contacted some friends and began selling their mandarins too. 

A school director contacted us and asked if we could provide more local products. We contacted more growers, went to several local grower meetings and now are providing an abundance of products grown in the Northstate to stores and schools. The growers are pleased with the new wholesale accounts they have and the schools are getting super fresh and super great tasting products from families in the Northstate. 

We strive and have built great relationships with the growers, schools and stores during this expansion of Happy Valley Fresh. We will continue to focus on providing good service, good relationships and great tasting products throughout the upcoming years.  


Steve Westaby


  • Featuring only products grown locally in the Northstate. 
  • Products are grown to full ripeness. They are not picked early to meet a market deadline. 
  • Family farm products straight to the schools and stores.
  • Focus on the relationships with growers and buyers. 

Steve has made Farm to School easier for Shasta County Schools. Happy Valley Fresh provides a great service and several head cooks have raved about the juicy, local watermelons and mandarins. It is wonderful to have our students enjy the fresh, local products.

lApril Jurisich, MPH, RD 

Healthy Students Initiative Coordinator 

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